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Introduction Louis and I are busy with refactoring existing code for the client and creating user interface versions of the HConfig.exe and the AMaster.exe.   Winplan client The Winplan client refactoring is making great strides but is not yet ready for alpha testing. All the general functions have been stripped from the specific forms and placed in function class files.   HConfig.exe user interface The HConfig.exe user interface is completed and ready for alpha testing and will be made available for testing soon. This executable allows for easier creation of the hconfig file for the VGA Planets games and replaces the command line version written by Tim.   AMaster.exe user interface Normally games are created using the master.exe provided by Tim Wisseman. Other players use the AMaster.exe to create games. The AMaster.exe allows for more control concerning mineral concentration and spread on the home worlds, assigned worlds and discoverd worlds. Also more control regarding natives type and government type is possible. With regards to clans, starting money, free starbases etc it is supports the same as Tim Wisseman’s master.exe The AMaster.exe user interface generates the config file that controls the behaviour of the command line amster.exe. Within two weeks it is expected that this tool is ready for testing.   About alpha testing Each application (clien / tool) has to be alpha tested before it can declared stable and is ready for use by every one else in the world. This alpha testing has to be done by you test player to find out of the usabillity of the application connects to what the test player expects. During alpha testing some issues may arise that a test player deems blocking. With the feedback Louis and I can improve the applications. When every comment has been addressed (either by explaining why it works in a particular way or making changes to the code based on the comments) the executable will be released for real use.   When a application is ready for testing As soon as an application is ready for test a mail will be sent to every player.   Louis and...

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Echoview guide

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The Echoview guide takes the player through every feature that Echoview has to offer and gives good tips on which features enhances game play the most. You might also learn something that you did not know existed. I know I did :). Find it here.

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Starmap Online Viewer

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The starmap online viewer is a php script that reads the starmap file and display it online. It can display the planet names as well as the 81Ly links between planets. At the moment it is not possible to upload custom maps for display. You can view it here.

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