Winplan V3.6.0.63 released

Version 63 is a major change in how we release Winplan32 as we now have an installer! The installer will install all required files and the sounds and new bitmaps. We have improved the Hyperjump system. The Hyperjump option under the Auto Waypoints and Tasks will now find any Hyp planets within the 340Ly –… Continue reading Winplan V3.6.0.63 released

Winplan V3.6.0.62 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.   In this version we fixed many bugs and issues that gave Bad Turn errors. We also reverted back the new ship building screen to the old one, until it is more stable. The biggest change is the new compact layouts of the starbase,… Continue reading Winplan V3.6.0.62 released

Winplan32 V3.6.59 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.   In this version we made some large changes to the way that you buy components and build ships. The 4 separate screens for hulls, engines, weapons and torpedoes are now included in the Build Ship screen. The default option is to build the components as… Continue reading Winplan32 V3.6.59 released

Winplan32 V3.6.57 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download. In this release the ship and starbase screen designs have changed to give you larger starmap viewing area, and also many other smaller improvements. Bad Turn fix – calculation issue with incorrect max buildings displayed in the build screen resulting in Bad Turns Star… Continue reading Winplan32 V3.6.57 released

Bitmask’s Klingon guide

By Introduction While there are other guides available for the Klingons, I think that they all seem to miss some of the Klingon player’s greatest assets. As a result I often see the Klingons being picked last or not at all, since most players see them as very difficult to play. In my opinion… Continue reading Bitmask’s Klingon guide

Where we are currently with development

Introduction Louis and I are busy with refactoring existing code for the client and creating user interface versions of the HConfig.exe and the AMaster.exe.   Winplan client The Winplan client refactoring is making great strides but is not yet ready for alpha testing. All the general functions have been stripped from the specific forms and placed in function… Continue reading Where we are currently with development

Fix Winplan Checksum

If you are looking for a command line utility that can fix your planets checksums, you can find it here

Echoview guide

The Echoview guide takes the player through every feature that Echoview has to offer and gives good tips on which features enhances game play the most. You might also learn something that you did not know existed. I know I did :). Find it here.

Java VGAPlanets Client guide

This guide was written to display the features and abilities of the JVC client for VGA Planets. It handles all the features with some good tips on play and shortcuts in there. You can read it here.