You will need 7Zip to extract the files for the archives. 7Zip is not required when you are using the Setup installer.


Winplan 32bit

[box type=”info”] Current stable – winplan_3.6.0.45 (400Kb) – See what changed


Latest beta –Winplan32 v3.6.63 Setup (4.7Mb) [Warning – this will override your BMP folder] – See what changed

Exe only for upgrade – winplan32_3.6.0.63  (426Kb)[/box]

Older Files (Not recommended):

winplan_3.6.0.44 (400Kb) – This version require config2.txt file from your host.

See what changed in V3.6.0.57

See what changed in V3.6.0.59

winplan32_3.6.0.62 (423Kb) – See what changed


Extract Winplan32.exe to your planets folder and run it from there. (e.g.  c:\planets\ )


Winplan Required files

These files are required for Winplan to run. This contain the Bitmap pictures, Sounds, Help File and the original shiplist. These files can be used with the original Winplan or Winplan 32bit.

WinplanRequiredFilesOriginal (1.7Mb – This is the original version with the old graphics)

WinplanRequiredFilesNew (7.4Mb – This is the new version with the updated graphics) <- These files are now included in our Setup installer.

Extract all files and folders to your planets folder and run it from there. (e.g.  c:\planets\ )


Required OCX controls for Windows 7 64bit

Winplan still use some old ocx controls that are no longer distributed with all Windows 7 and later versions. If you see an error about a Component threed32.ocx, then download  WinplanRequiredOCX (300Kb) and extract the contents to you c:\Windows\system\ folder. Right click on the WinplanRegisterOCX.bat and select Run as Administrator to register the controls. <- These files are now included in our Setup installer.



You will need to add your own Registration key from your original Winplan V3.5 disk. See the Installation instructions for more details.

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