Winplan is the Windows based client for playing VGA Planets.

Currently I am assisting Ronald van Maanen. Together we are working on updates the to the original Winplan and the Host to make them 32bit(and 64bit) Windows compatible. The source for Winplan have been upgraded to Visual Basic 6.

If you would like to help with testing and reporting bugs, please contact us.

The bug database can be found here.

The latest stable release is V3.6.0.45. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 in both 32bit and 64bit.  You can download it from the download page.

You will need your original Winplan registration files in order to play. Copy these to your Winplan 32bit folder. You can get them on your CD  or in a previous installed folder (reg.key & scram21.ole)


Installation Instructions:

Already have a previously installed Winplan folder

Use the installer and install over your previous version (use the same foloder). The installer will not delete your original 16bit Winplan V3.5.

New installation

You will require your original Winplan CD or disks or a previous installation to get your registration files (reg.key & scram21.ole), then you can use the setup program from our download area. Copy the reg.key & scram21.ole files alongside the Winplan Setup program. The installer will copy the registration to your installation if it finds them in the same folder, else it will warn you to copy them manually.

Your registration files can be found on your original CD\Disk.  [box type=”info”]CD Drive \winplan\keys[/box]

How to extract the original Winplan key from my disk on Win 64

If you only have the original setup files and the setup does not work on 64bit OS, then you need your registration extracted.

Copy the original files that end with _ (scram21.ol_ & reg.ke_) to the same folder as your Winplan32 setup and run these 2 lines in a command on that folder (You can use command prompt or create a bat file with this content).

[box type=”info”]expand scram21.ol_ scram21.ole
expand reg.ke_ reg.key[/box]

Lost my original registration files and Winplan CD\Disk

If you lost your original registrations files along with your Winplan CD, then you can contact Tim Wiseman (the author of Planets) with the details you used when you bought the game and he might be able to mail you your registration files.

If you did not previously own a copy of the game, you can still buy it from Tim.

You can contact Tim or buy a new copy from his website. Remember you are looking for Version 3.5 (Winplan)


  1. Which install are you running? With the 32bit Winplan you just replace the original exe with the new one. The 32bit Winplan.exe should be in the same folder as your original planets. It should then have a BMP subfolder underneath it which contain the BMP files.

      1. If you save the file you download to your c:\plan1 folder and run it, it will pick up your required files and registration.
        This file is not an installation. It is the actual Winplan executable.

        Edit: We created a download section which has all the files and also a better explanation of how to install them.

  2. Hi Bitmask,

    I recently upgraded to 64bit Win10 and am trying to get your version of winplan working but am getting errors that spin32.ocx is not found or working correctly. I found spin32 and loaded it into the windows\system but that didn’t help. Any ideas where it is looking to load the spin32?


    1. Hi Tei
      You can download WinplanRequiredOCX (300Kb) [See Winplan Downloads section] and extract the contents to you c:\Windows\system\ folder. Right click on the WinplanRegisterOCX.bat and select Run as Administrator to register the controls. This was tested on Windows 7 64bit and should be the same for Win 10

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