Winplan32 V3.6.57 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.

In this release the ship and starbase screen designs have changed to give you larger starmap viewing area, and also many other smaller improvements.

Bad Turn

  • fix – calculation issue with incorrect max buildings displayed in the build screen resulting in Bad Turns

Star base

  • change – Issue 57 : The planets resources are now displayed in the star base form
  • change – Issue 58 : Fix/recycle command can be cleared.
  • change – Issue 61 : Star base primary orders now in drop down list form.
  • change – Form layout changes for bigger star map display
  • fix – Issue 22 : Fixed keyboard shortcuts for tech level upgrades



  • change – Issue 48 : The form shows the name and coordinates of the current location and the waypoint are displayed. The button “Y” that changed between these two ways of displaying has been removed.
  • change – Issue 45 : Primary Enemy, Mission and Warp are now Drop Down Lists. The mission selection still has to be done.
  • change – Issue 47 : Move the Waypoint/location items to the left under the rest
  • change – Form layout changes for bigger star map display.
  • fix – Issue 7 : Navigation with +/- not the same as in classic version. This has been fixed.
  • fix – Issue 66 : Cycling through ships with the spinner resulted in missing the next or previous ship when switching from first to last or vice versa. This was caused by an double subtraction of addition of the ship index in the handling function. This has been fixed with this version.



  • change – Issue 36 : The buttn “F” has been removed. The friendly code can be changed by clicking on the friendly code field.
  • change – Issue 37 : The “jump button X” has been removed. The new way to jump to another planet is to double click on the planet you want to jump to or move using the arrows.
  • fix – Issue 38 : Under-the-hood change. The “Key pressed” and “key down” event events have been merged.

Race main form

  • change – Issue 53 : The score form has been integrated with the race form.


 Auto commands form

  • change – Issue 35 : The objects in the tax tab have been re-arranged in manner that is more clear

Star Chart

  • change – Issue 33 : Button “Plot minerals” has been renamed “Plot data”.
  • fix – Issue 43 : In the star chart control panel the texts are not affect during resizing.
  • fix – Issue 11 : Check is added to ensure that the star chart panel a minimum dimension is set to prevent letters becoming unreadable.

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