Winplan V3.6.0.63 released

Version 63 is a major change in how we release Winplan32 as we now have an installer!
The installer will install all required files and the sounds and new bitmaps.

We have improved the Hyperjump system. The Hyperjump option under the Auto Waypoints and Tasks will now find any Hyp planets within the 340Ly – 360Ly range as well as those that have warped wells inside that range. No more setting the X,Y manually from external applications.

Also new in this version is warp circles. Warp circles can be toggled using the options marked below. It can display circles for all warp speeds (light grey) of your current ship and also highlight (light yellow) the current warp setting of your ship. In addition you can also display only odd number warp circles or display them for all known ships.

You can find this version in our download section.



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