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Race features

Fed : Scotty Bonus (+50kt bonus mass, +25% shield to all ships in a fight)
Lizard : 150% Damage, clans immune to glory device.
Romulan : Immune to NUK, Reduced cloak fuel usage (3Kt), Reduced cloak fail rate (0% - normal 1%)
Klingon : Immune to NUK/ATT, max 60 clans at desert worlds, immune to glory device (partial minehit damange only. 10% or 20%)
Privateer : 3x kill factor, all crew gets traitors if a ship gets captured, All Ships are UnClonable (If captured, they cannot be cloned)
Borg : Assimilate natives (25% assimilation rate), scoop minerals after fighting
Crystal : Clans are immune to glory device, Crystals like it hot (1000 clans/deg), Bohemian will heat to 100deg. 0-50Deg. at twice the rate, 50 - 100 at normal rate
Empire : 40% traitors of captured ship, bio-scan immune, Increased sensor range (300LY), IonShield (Ships are not dragged along, damaged or crew killed)
Robots : Up to 60 clans at desert worlds, Reduced mine decay (3), Max minefield size +50LY (200LY)
Rebels : ATT/NUK immune, 90000 clans at ice planets, 60 clans at desert planets, finds empire planets with bio-scan, dark-sense immune
Colonies : 60 clans at desert worlds, can sweep mines with fighters

Special Missions

Super Refit
Self repair
Build Fighters Mission
Sticky Mines
(Sticky Mines has a 5% hit chance (normal & cloak) and only do 25% of the damage of a normal mine, but when a minehit occurs the ship is stuck(movement) till the next turn. Normal mines will NOT destroy webmines and you have to be closer to a sticky minefield to sweep it (5LY) - It's webmines with 0 fuel drain)

Economy - 7000 MC to spend -

3000 MC - Add 2000MC extra for use in Exploits section
-1000 MC - 70 % Tax Colonist
1000 MC +120% Tax Colonist
2000 MC - 140% Tax Colonist
3000 MC - 160% Tax Colonist
-1000 MC - 70 % Tax Natives
1000 MC +120% Tax Natives
2000 MC - 140% Tax Natives
3000 MC - 160% Tax Natives
-1000 MC - 70 % mining rate
1000 MC - 120% mining rate
2000 MC - 140% mining rate
3000 MC - 160% mining rate
-1000 MC - 70 % Supplys Production Rate
1000 MC - 120% Supplys Production Rate
2000 MC - 140% Supplys Production Rate
3000 MC - 160% Supplys Production Rate
2000 MC - Ground Attack x5
3000 MC - Ground Attack x15
4000 MC - Ground Attack x30
1000 MC - Ground Defend x2
2000 MC - Ground Defend x5
3000 MC - Ground Defend x10
1000 MC- 110% RaceGrowthRate
2000 MC - 120% RaceGrowthRate
3000 MC - 130% RaceGrowthRate
4000 MC - 150% RaceGrowthRate

Exploits - 7000 MC to spend - (By default NO race can clone ships unless selected in this section)
1000 MC - 1 free Fighter at Base
3000 MC - 3 free Fighters at Base
4000 MC - 5 free Fighters Base
5000 MC - 8 free Fighters Base
1000 MC - Can Clone Captured Ships at 200% cost
3000 MC - Can Clone Captured Ships at 150% cost
2000 MC - 125% MineSweepRate
4000 MC - 150% MineSweepRate
4000 MC - 2 Extra Fighter Bays on cariers
5000 MC - 3 Extra Fighter Bays on cariers
4000 MC - Save Travel through minefields (cloaked) till warp 6
5000 MC - Save Travel through minefields (un-cloaked) till warp 8
5000 MC - Safe travel through Sticky minefields (un-cloaked) till warp 4
2000 MC - ScanRange increase to 350LY (default 250LY)
3000 MC - 2 x Terraform Rate
5000 MC - AntiCloakImmunity (all cloaked ships are Loki & D19b immune)
5000 MC - 4 X UnitsPerTorpRate
5000 MC - AllowBuildFighters (without mission) using only 'lfm' Friendly Code

Ship list

Based on TList1.1 (* indicates ship different from original shiplist)

Free Ships

Small Deep Space Freighter*
Medium Deep Space Freighter*
Large Deep Space Freighter
Merlin Class Alchemie Ship
Neutronic Refinery Ship

Ships Options - A

Choose any four(4) ships from this section.
Cloak - D7 Coldpain
Ore Condenser - Quietus Class Cruiser (Will increase the ore densities on the planet until they reach 50%. All ore densities will be increased simultaneously)
Heats to 50 - Bohemian Class Survey Ship*
Cools to 50 - Eros Class Research Vessel*
AntiCloak - Loki Class Destroyer(Decloak ships in 10LY radius.Some races are immune to Anti Cloak ships, if selected in the Exploits section)
Hyperdrive - Falcon Class Escort
Repairs - Skyfire Class Cruiser*(If the ship doing the repair mission is undamaged, it will repair all damage on the target ship without using supplies. If the repairing ship is damaged, it will not be able to fully repair the target ship: if the repair ship has 10% damage, the target ship will only be repaired up to a damage level of 10%)
  Imperial Assault, Planet Immunity - Super Star Destroyer
Advanced Anti Cloak - Iron Lady Class Frigate* also de-cloak ships which are Anti Cloak Immune, like the Deth Specula or from selection in the Exploits section

Ships Options - B

Choose two ships from this column.
Cloak, Gravitonic - Meteor Class Blockade Runner
Glory Device High Damage - D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer* (When used in "Trigger" mode (trg), this device will not find ships that have Anti Cloak Immunity)
Cloak, Hardened Cloak - Lizard Class Cruiser(cloak still works if the ship is damaged)
Ramscoop, Bioscan - Cobol Class Research Cruiser
Gambling ship - Lady Royale Class Cruiser
Cloak, Anti Cloak Immunity - Deth Specula Class Frigate*(Are immune to Anti Cloak ships, but not the Saber or Iron Lady)
 Glory Device Low Damage - Saber Class Frigate(When used in "Trigger" mode (trg), this device will find all cloaked ships)
Advance Cloak - Resolute Class BattleCruiser (it doesn't burn fuel to cloak)

Dark Wing or Virgo

Advanced Cloak & Hardened Cloak - Dark Wing* (cloak still works if the ship is damaged and burns no fuel to cloak)
 Full Weaponry - Virgo* (can use their full arms even when damaged - like Fed Bonus)

Gorbie or Firecloud

Hardened Engines - Gorbie (The ship is not slowed down by damage)
 Warp Chunnel - Firecloud*
(ChunnelSelf, ChunnelOthers, ChunnelTarget)

Race Full Name             eg.The Solar Federation
Race Normal Name       eg.Federation
Race Short Name          eg.Feds

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