Winplan V3.6.0.63 released

Version 63 is a major change in how we release Winplan32 as we now have an installer!
The installer will install all required files and the sounds and new bitmaps.

We have improved the Hyperjump system. The Hyperjump option under the Auto Waypoints and Tasks will now find any Hyp planets within the 340Ly – 360Ly range as well as those that have warped wells inside that range. No more setting the X,Y manually from external applications.

Also new in this version is warp circles. Warp circles can be toggled using the options marked below. It can display circles for all warp speeds (light grey) of your current ship and also highlight (light yellow) the current warp setting of your ship. In addition you can also display only odd number warp circles or display them for all known ships.

You can find this version in our download section.



Winplan V3.6.0.62 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.


In this version we fixed many bugs and issues that gave Bad Turn errors.

We also reverted back the new ship building screen to the old one, until it is more stable.

The biggest change is the new compact layouts of the starbase, ship and planet screens. They will all fit into smaller screen sizes and only the starmap resize with the window giving a user experience similar to modern applications.





Winplan32 V3.6.59 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.


In this version we made some large changes to the way that you buy components and build ships.

The 4 separate screens for hulls, engines, weapons and torpedoes are now included in the Build Ship screen.

The default option is to build the components as needed from the type selection that you choose.


We also fixed issue 68 -> Crash when you lock onto planet option is used in starmap.

The re-sizing overlap issues are better, but not 100%.

Winplan32 V3.6.57 released

The latest beta version of Winplan 32bit is now available for download.

In this release the ship and starbase screen designs have changed to give you larger starmap viewing area, and also many other smaller improvements.

Bad Turn

  • fix – calculation issue with incorrect max buildings displayed in the build screen resulting in Bad Turns

Star base

  • change – Issue 57 : The planets resources are now displayed in the star base form
  • change – Issue 58 : Fix/recycle command can be cleared.
  • change – Issue 61 : Star base primary orders now in drop down list form.
  • change – Form layout changes for bigger star map display
  • fix – Issue 22 : Fixed keyboard shortcuts for tech level upgrades



  • change – Issue 48 : The form shows the name and coordinates of the current location and the waypoint are displayed. The button “Y” that changed between these two ways of displaying has been removed.
  • change – Issue 45 : Primary Enemy, Mission and Warp are now Drop Down Lists. The mission selection still has to be done.
  • change – Issue 47 : Move the Waypoint/location items to the left under the rest
  • change – Form layout changes for bigger star map display.
  • fix – Issue 7 : Navigation with +/- not the same as in classic version. This has been fixed.
  • fix – Issue 66 : Cycling through ships with the spinner resulted in missing the next or previous ship when switching from first to last or vice versa. This was caused by an double subtraction of addition of the ship index in the handling function. This has been fixed with this version.



  • change – Issue 36 : The buttn “F” has been removed. The friendly code can be changed by clicking on the friendly code field.
  • change – Issue 37 : The “jump button X” has been removed. The new way to jump to another planet is to double click on the planet you want to jump to or move using the arrows.
  • fix – Issue 38 : Under-the-hood change. The “Key pressed” and “key down” event events have been merged.

Race main form

  • change – Issue 53 : The score form has been integrated with the race form.


 Auto commands form

  • change – Issue 35 : The objects in the tax tab have been re-arranged in manner that is more clear

Star Chart

  • change – Issue 33 : Button “Plot minerals” has been renamed “Plot data”.
  • fix – Issue 43 : In the star chart control panel the texts are not affect during resizing.
  • fix – Issue 11 : Check is added to ensure that the star chart panel a minimum dimension is set to prevent letters becoming unreadable.

Winplan 32bit config2.txt file

The Winplan 32bit client requires a config2.txt file. This file contain the hconfig settings from the game and is used by the client to calculate the next predictions for planets and startbase screens.

Up to V3.6.0.44 you will get a error:  “Error in Planetstats > Description is:53; file not found” when this file is not present. You need to supply the config2.txt file for the error to go away

From V3.6.0.45 on you will not receive the error if the file is missing. The client will use defaults to calculate the predictions and warn you that defaults are used. You can find details of what changed in V3.6.0.45 here.

Here is a example config2.txt file. You can use this for default settings config2

Where we are currently with development

Louis and I are busy with refactoring existing code for the client and creating user interface versions of the HConfig.exe and the AMaster.exe.


Winplan client
The Winplan client refactoring is making great strides but is not yet ready for alpha testing.
All the general functions have been stripped from the specific forms and placed in function class files.


HConfig.exe user interface
The HConfig.exe user interface is completed and ready for alpha testing and will be made available for testing soon.
This executable allows for easier creation of the hconfig file for the VGA Planets games and replaces the command line version written by Tim.


AMaster.exe user interface
Normally games are created using the master.exe provided by Tim Wisseman. Other players use the AMaster.exe to create games.
The AMaster.exe allows for more control concerning mineral concentration and spread on the home worlds, assigned worlds and discoverd worlds.
Also more control regarding natives type and government type is possible.
With regards to clans, starting money, free starbases etc it is supports the same as Tim Wisseman’s master.exe
The AMaster.exe user interface generates the config file that controls the behaviour of the command line amster.exe.
Within two weeks it is expected that this tool is ready for testing.


About alpha testing
Each application (clien / tool) has to be alpha tested before it can declared stable and is ready for use by every one else in the world.
This alpha testing has to be done by you test player to find out of the usabillity of the application connects to what the test player expects.
During alpha testing some issues may arise that a test player deems blocking.
With the feedback Louis and I can improve the applications.
When every comment has been addressed (either by explaining why it works in a particular way or making changes to the code based on the comments) the executable will be released for real use.


When a application is ready for testing
As soon as an application is ready for test a mail will be sent to every player.


Louis and Ronald