Bitmask’s Klingon guide

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By Introduction While there are other guides available for the Klingons, I think that they all seem to miss some of the Klingon player’s greatest assets. As a result I often see the Klingons being picked last or not at all, since most players see them as very difficult to play. In my opinion there are other races that are far more difficult and less exciting to play. The Klingons have very few natural enemies and they can do almost everything well. Their biggest drawback is their lack of a large carrier ship, but that is easily remedied by using fleets of ships and Glory Devices. In this guide I will look at the race’s strengths and weaknesses as well as some general tips on how to play the Klingons.   Initial game and your Economy As with any race in VGA Planets, the game is won or lost on economy. You can have the best race, but without a good economy you will not get to the top. This should be your top priority until just before the ship limit is hit. If you have a good economy all the other things like ships, allies and scouting will fall into place. To get a good economy going you will need to send out some scouts early (D7s work well) to find those good planets and then populate those planets using LDSF. Scouts should drop a clan on every planet they visit and move on. Scouts staying at a planet for more than 1 turn to get fuel, drop supplies/money, etc. will get you to falling behind very fast. As soon as you find a good planet you need to send a LDSF with clans, supplies and some credits to populate it. Try to populate your good planets fast by not taking a detour to populate other smaller planets as well. You will have time for the smaller planets later. Any planet with more than 1000Kt of any mineral and at least 50% extraction for that mineral is a good mineral planet and should get at least 100 clans, 100 supplies and credits as soon as possible, except if it is desert or ice planet. Any planet with Natives and a government that is not anarchy, pre-tribal, early-tribal or tribal type and with good temperature is also a good planet. If the natives are Bovinoids then that planet is also good no matter the government type. These good planets (with natives) should get as much clans as you can give them in order to taxes the natives effectively, but not to the detriment of good mineral planets. Good planets that do not have at least 100 clans or...

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Echoview guide

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The Echoview guide takes the player through every feature that Echoview has to offer and gives good tips on which features enhances game play the most. You might also learn something that you did not know existed. I know I did :). Find it here.

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